End Slavery

Photo by Andrew Nicodem / ITeams

The enslavement of human beings is a tragedy that must not be tolerated! Slavery in all its various forms has grown in public awareness in recent years. Media attention has brought it to the forefront as a priority for governments, nonprofits, businesses and churches. Many well-intentioned people have jumped into the deep end of this complex injustice with insufficient expertise and have unknowingly done more harm than good.

At ITeams we denounce all forms of oppression and have a passion to see freedom come for anyone trapped in modern-day slavery. We are committed to standing with all oppressed people and preventing those who are vulnerable from being exploited. In our integrated model of community transformation, we are committed to seeing the invisible. And often those invisible are trapped in some form of slavery (forced labor, sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, systemic injustices…)

Once we discover a person trapped in slavery, we will go to extraordinary lengths to provide access to food, freedom, and forgiveness in a sustainable way that gives them hope for lasting change. These strategies include providing refuge and food, vocational training, trauma counseling, preventative training, discipleship, basic business skills, education, government intervention and prayer.

Ending slavery requires leadership, expertise, a proven track record, and a long-term commitment to the future. We are committed to confronting these issues and building strategic partnerships with experts who will join with us in bringing true transformation.

With Jesus and with each other we change the future for the enslaved in the communities where we serve.



Evaluate and Engage


When we enter a community, we seek to relate to and understand the community through the eyes of Jesus. This includes pre-training and ongoing on-field research.


We repeat a collaborative cycle that aims to work alongside others in the community to identify and assess both needs and resources. Alongside the community, we encourage initiatives guided by a strategy and help implement them.


As transformation takes hold in a community our role changes. We avoid creating unhealthy dependencies and focus on what Jesus is doing within the community. This typically leads to expansion as transformation impacts surrounding communities.

Stories of freedom

Consider or share these open opportunities

Long-Term Opportunity

Refugee Ministry Developer

Do you have a heart for refugees? Would you like to learn Arabic? Our cosmopolitan city has a population of 4 million, and around one third are refugees from a neighboring country in desperate need of the love of Jesus.

Long-Term Opportunity

Addiction and Recovery Specialist

​Are you called to help hurting people? Do you want to make a real difference in the lives of people facing difficult life situations?

Long-Term Opportunity

Business Ministry Developer

Are you a business person either by experience or education? Has God given you a vision to see a community transformed from the inside out through biblical, economic, and entrepreneurial avenues?

Long-Term Opportunity

Youth Ministry Developer

Do you have a passion for youth? Has God given you a vision to see a generation rise up to transform their community by the power of God?

Long-Term Opportunity

Christian Counselor

Do you have a heart to help women heal from the effects of human trafficking and other intense situations? Do you have experience in trauma counseling and a desire to use your gifts in a cross-cultural context?

Long-Term Opportunity

House Parents

Do you have a heart to help in the daily life of women rescued from or at risk of human trafficking? Are you gifted in the areas of discipleship and encouragement? Would you like to work together as a couple in ministry? 

Long-Term Opportunity


Do you have a heart to help physically heal women rescued from or at risk of human trafficking? Would you like to use your experience and training to provide much needed care to women in need?

Long-Term Opportunity

Volunteer Coordinator

Do you have a heart to help women rescued from or at risk of human trafficking? Do you enjoy connecting people and training volunteers to contribute to the long-term success of a ministry? Are you passionate about end slavery work and want to see others stepping up to address this issue?

Long-Term Opportunity

EsperanzArt Coordinator

Do you have a heart to help women rescued from or at risk of human trafficking through learning a trade? Do you have experience in business management, marketing, or finance that you would like to use to bring sustainable growth and development to a community of women in need?

Long-Term Opportunity

House Coordinator

Do you have a heart to help women rescued from or at risk of human trafficking? Do you have the gifts of hospitality and encouragement? Are you skilled at event coordination, logistics, and management? 

Long-Term Opportunity

Childcare and Early Development Coordinator

Do you have a heart to help the children of women rescued from or at risk of human trafficking? We are looking for someone passionate about end slavery with and a desire to positively impact the next generation. 


This area is part of our Core Integrated Fund which allows us to strategically leverage your gift to fuel the movement of integrated community transformation around the world - wherever needs are greatest. The Core Integrated Fund allows us to be agile and to expand work into new and existing communities strategically.