Strategic Investments

Photo by Joshua Merrill / ITeams

Investing resources strategically in the work of integrated community transformation through ITeams enables you to leverage your assets for global impact.


Our legacy — transforming lives and communities by the power of God.

There are many ways to engage in the transformative work Jesus is doing through International Teams. For those thinking about legacy and long-term impact, estate design is one important way to leverage your assets.

What is estate design?

Estate design is, at its core, the process of determining to whom we should transfer the stewardship of all that has been entrusted to us. There are even things you can do with your assets now that will create leverage and establish an impactful legacy.

If you would like to explore creative options please contact Anna Pavey at

Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Assets

ITeams will gladly receive stock gifts, new generation computers, automobiles (with certain new government restrictions) and other.

To speak with someone about legacy planning or gifts of stock and assets, please contact Anna Pavey or our representative with the National Christian Foundation, Roger Sandberg at