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What could it look like to blend organic, disciple-making with asset-based community development in a sustainable way that transforms communities? That is the heart of Integrated Community Transformation (ICT)!

The Community Transformation Center is a 40-week practical learning experience that combines principles of disciple-making and community development, along with leadership training, to equip participants to lead movements of ICT in communities around the world.

What is the Community Transformation Center?

  • 40 week program
  • Hosted by International Teams in partnership with Land of the Living ministry
  • ON SITE in Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • Combines classroom learning with REAL WORLD ministry experience
  • Taught by professionals with extensive experience in cross-cultural work and community transformation

Who can benefit?

Anyone who believes in the inseparable nature of Jesus' discipling and compassionate work, and would like to gain skills necessary to engage a community in their own transformation.

In particular:

  • Recent university graduates seeking opportunity for medium- to long-term community-based, holistic cross-cultural work.
  • Mid-career or retired professionals seeking to transition into full- or part-time cross-cultural opportunities where they can more effectively utilize their knowledge and skills toward community transformation.
  • Those already extensively involved in community & cross-cultural work, who wish to explore a more integrated and sustainably impactful approach toward community transformation.


  • Enhanced understanding and internalization of Integrated Community Transformation (ICT) and related core principles with respect to discipleship and development.
  • Gain practical experience with strategic approaches and tools that can be used in facilitating ICT.
  • Acquire experience in serving a local community organization – building relationally, gaining grassroots experience and perspective, and practicing ICT skills in order to enhance their programmatic scope, sustainability and impact.
  • Develop understanding of specific topics addressed in ICT, and how they are integrated and mutually influential with respect to needs, strengths, interventions and impact.
  • Form relationships with local community and church leaders, and (where applicable) explore opportunities for potentially serving as an ITeams Community Transformation Director.


  • Personal growth: self-awareness, healthy spiritual practices, living and working cross-culturally, and listening to God and others within communities.
  • Core principles of Integrated Community Transformation (ICT).
  • Practical development/discipleship tools and approaches for facilitating ICT.
  • Promotion of business and entrepreneurship as an integral part of ICT.
  • The Community Transformation Director's ”general contractor” role in facilitating ICT – including leadership, team building and mobilization of local and external resources.
  • Enhanced understanding and integration of specific issues of focus in ICT – including Food (physical needs), Freedom (psychological and life opportunity needs) and Forgiveness (spiritual needs).
  • Enhanced understanding of priority issues faced and approaches used in the context of South African townships and rural settlements.
  • Practical internships with local community-based organizations and participation in regional leaders' network gatherings – with culmination in written/oral presentation.


  • Become acquainted with the culture and history of South Africa.
  • Live and grow in a community of fellow practitioners and local leaders.
  • Several group outings as well as free times are included, so you can explore the area.
  • You are encouraged to invite friends and family to our closing graduation ceremony in December.

NEXT SEMESTER: MAR 3rd - DEC 7th 2019

(includes course and practicum, living expenses not included)

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