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Rockwood (Portland), OR

We’re bringing people together in Rockwood to ensure that no one is invisible and that everyone has access to food, freedom, and forgiveness.


Our Portland team is made up of four people who partner with God, local community members and other organizations to see lives and communities transformed in Rockwood and among those who have been trafficked. Located in far Southeast Portland, Rockwood is an area full of resources, extensive diversity and resilience. Yet, it also contains social, spiritual and economic depression. Many of its residents live there because they have been displaced. Our anti-sex trafficking ministry occurs in East Portland but is not limited to a geographical location since trafficking can happen anywhere.

A large portion of Oregon's refugees and immigrants live in the Rockwood neighborhood, which is the most diverse in all of Oregon. Almost 90 languages are spoken among our neighbors. Living in the community, our refugee and immigrant initiative is highly relational. Less than 10% of refugees resettled in America will be befriended by an American. We strive to change that by not only meeting our refugee and immigrant neighbors but also by creating pathways for Americans and refugees to meet. We run tutoring centers specifically designed for children who are ESL speakers and work with several other organizations to operate a community center that reaches out to and supports the refugee and immigrant community.

Integrated Community Transformation in Rockwood also includes Life Application Groups that foster discipleship and teach marriage, parenting and financial literacy classes, as well as a network that encourages local church leaders to work together and promotes unity within the faith communities of Rockwood.

Our work in the greater Portland area includes striving towards the prevention of sex trafficking. Our efforts focus on mentoring at-risk youth, raising awareness through education and presentations at churches, clubs and schools, and teaching youth a prevention-based curriculum that focuses on our identities in Christ, building healthy relationships, boundaries and safety planning.

We are looking for others to join us as we serve this vibrant community! Is God calling you to serve the oppressed in Portland?



Evaluate and Engage


When we enter a community, we seek to relate to and understand the community through the eyes of Jesus. This includes pre-training and ongoing on-field research.


We repeat a collaborative cycle that aims to work alongside others in the community to identify and assess both needs and resources. Alongside the community, we encourage initiatives guided by a strategy and help implement them.


As transformation takes hold in a community our role changes. We avoid creating unhealthy dependencies and focus on what Jesus is doing within the community. This typically leads to expansion as transformation impacts surrounding communities.


Ways you can be involved

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