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Carrick (Pittsburgh), PA

Our team in Pittsburgh is establishing long-term ministry among Bhutanese-Nepali immigrants who have come from a refugee background. Approximately 15,000 Nepalis call Pittsburgh home, and our team in Pittsburgh is putting their roots down and moving forward in strategic ways.
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Children and Family
Children and Family


We work in communities throughout the world. Each community is unique and its resource needs vary. All our teams are committed to transformation. The community highlighted here is poised for growth. They're eager to connect with financial partners, organizational partners, and new strategic personnel. You can play a key role.

Community Overview

We believe the resilient Bhutanese-Nepali community itself holds in its grasp many of the keys that will unlock community transformation that starts in Carrick, spreads to south Pittsburgh, and flows to many other Mid-Atlantic US cities with large Nepali populations. Churches have been formed. An ethnic Bhutanese non-profit has been started. Various established American churches have responded in hospitality. More established members of the Bhutanese-Nepali community demonstrate hearts of service for newly arrived Bhutanese refugees.

Though many in the Bhutanese-Nepali community are off and moving in their new life in America, few know Jesus. Most have not heard the story of Jesus in a way they can understand and most have never seen a true disciple living out authentic faith in front of their eyes. There is great need for native-born Americans and organizations to work hand-in-hand with the Nepali community. Unemployment, cross-cultural communication struggles, cultural misunderstanding, educational challenges, and gang violence abound. We need Jesus and His life-giving transformation.

Our Response

Although our work in Carrick is just beginning, it is being led by long-term field staff who have been involved in cross-cultural work for 14 years, the last 7 of those years among Nepalis. Currently, we are networking with pastors, churches, neighbors, and community organizations and conducting research that will lead to long-lasting transformation. Our team along with many other laborers in collaborative efforts have taken the approach to live incarnationally in the Carrick neighborhood, being within walking distance of one another.

Anticipated Results

The dream before us is that Carrick will become a hub of native-born Americans and Nepalis working side by side for Kingdom transformation. We aim to become a community where we are reaching out into all sectors of society while also becoming a center for intercultural training focusing on integrated community transformation. This may mean partnering with colleges or universities as a practicum site where they join in on-going ministry as well as study academically. The hub and spoke strategy would be to create a center where there are a variety of ministries and initiatives going on but also having a strong emphasis on training wherein we host interns, short-term teams, and future long-termers. Our prayer is that all this activity can be multiplied and we see many other locations started in Nepali communities in Pittsburgh and other cities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The result is that every part of the Nepali community has a voice, that no one is invisible, and that everyone will have access to food, freedom, and forgiveness. Restored people, restored families, and restored communities is the cry of our hearts.



Evaluate and Engage


When we enter a community, we seek to relate to and understand the community through the eyes of Jesus. This includes pre-training and ongoing on-field research.


We repeat a collaborative cycle that aims to work alongside others in the community to identify and assess both needs and resources. Alongside the community, we encourage initiatives guided by a strategy and help implement them.


As transformation takes hold in a community our role changes. We avoid creating unhealthy dependencies and focus on what Jesus is doing within the community. This typically leads to expansion as transformation impacts surrounding communities.



Monthly Sponsorship


Your monthly gift allows this community to sustain its ongoing active initiatives in food, freedom, and forgiveness, as well as develop new projects that will lead to sustainable transformation in meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of this...


Urban Ministry Internship Program (ICT focused)


Pittsburgh and several cities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region are home to thousands of Nepalis with few signs of the transformation of Jesus. Large portions of Nepal remain untouched with the Gospel. The need for workers is immense and we believe the solution to that problem is to develop an internship program to train and release qualified leaders who serve the Nepali community well.


English and Nepali Language Institute


The most necessary need for working-class Bhutanese-Nepalis is the development of English. As refugees arrive here they immediately get to work and English development is neglected. Nepali language skills are being lost by the younger generation in our neighborhood and few NGO workers have effective language options to learn Nepali. An English and Nepali language institute will be launched in order to serve both these populations, employing Nepalis and Americans, and giving learners the English they need to thrive in their contexts.


Small Business Start-Up for Bi-Vocational Nepali Ministry Leaders


The Carrick neighborhood has seen businesses leave in droves over the years and there is great need for revitalization. Nepali leaders called to ministry need a pathway that will allow them to have a livelihood while serving in ministry. We are looking to sponsor a Nepali ministry leader as he/she starts their business. Investors, Nepali ministry leaders, community revitalization, and Kingdom transformation will meet in this necessary initiative as it will push holistic Gospel ministry forward in Pittsburgh.


Aasako Ghar (Hope House)


We believe the best way to visibly reflect Jesus in transformation and bring people together is to buy a house in the neighborhood where Christ-followers can live alongside Nepalis in difficult circumstances. Real estate is cheap in Carrick and we could see ourselves buying many houses over the long-haul establishing a united presence of the life of Jesus among Nepalis. We are seeking to buy our first house to fulfill this vision.
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