Photo by Josh Merrill / ITeams

South Africa - Mzamomhle

In Mzamomhle, we partner with a few local organizations and many individuals who are committed to empowering and walking alongside the residents of this amazing community.


This is a pioneer team working in the township of Mzamomhle, just outside of the city of East London. Our vision is to see this community transformed from the inside out, building on the already existing resources and leadership. As this ministry is still very young, there is ample opportunity for growth. We are partnering with a local NGO called Lathitha Development, who work to affect the 80% unemployment rate in this township of 40,000 people.

There are huge opportunities for ministry growth. Areas we would love to see developed are:


Growing our network of discipleship and bringing together local pastors and leaders to see disciples trained. Instilling an ownership of the community, and a desire to work together to see true transformation.


This is all encompassing but will include seeking out and promoting local business, home gardens, and other creative ways of either earning an income or providing for one's family. Exploration of possibilities in farming or livestock. Innovation and creativity are key in meeting the needs and empowering residents for sustainable income. Forming relationships with entrepreneurs and working to see creative businesses started that both support residents and fuel the local economy.


There is one medical clinic within Mzamomhle. The doctor is only available one or two days a week. Women also do not give birth within the township, but rather need to travel further to larger hospitals. Medical training, as well as other health services would be extremely beneficial.

Education and skills training

Lathitha Development Center offers different forms of training, from computer skills, to masonry, carpentry, and sewing. Skills training is hugely beneficial, and there is so much opportunity for many other skills to be taught and implemented within Mzamomhle.


Rape, abuse, drugs, alcohol, and high crime rates are all very present within the township. Assessing and targeting the root causes of this issues is crucial if we want to see transformation. We want to work to see family relationships restored, and work to disciple and target the family as a unit. Through this type of transformation, so many of these issues will be directly affected.



Evaluate and Engage


When we enter a community, we seek to relate to and understand the community through the eyes of Jesus. This includes pre-training and ongoing on-field research.


We repeat a collaborative cycle that aims to work alongside others in the community to identify and assess both needs and resources. Alongside the community, we encourage initiatives guided by a strategy and help implement them.


As transformation takes hold in a community our role changes. We avoid creating unhealthy dependencies and focus on what Jesus is doing within the community. This typically leads to expansion as transformation impacts surrounding communities.


Our response

We work from within Mzamomhle, using community led initiatives, resources, and vision. Current ministry is made up of:

  • Discipleship of young men in the community who we see the Lord wants to use in big ways
  • An after school program where we pour into kids from ages 8-14
  • Skills training through our partnering organization, Lathitha Development Center
  • A girls group for middle school and high school age girls where we seek to instill a sense of worth and value.
  • Relational ministry where we just walk alongside and encourage all the friendships and people that God puts in our path.