Middle East


Our teams in the Middle East are seeing lives and communities transformed by the power of God with some of the most unreached and unengaged populations in the world. Whether through a thriving business platform or at the other end of the spectrum, serving Syrian refugees, our desire is to see integrated community transformation become a reality throughout the Middle East.

We’re especially focused on working alongside:

  • Refugees
  • Unreached and Unengaged Muslims
  • Disadvantaged Communities


Strategic anchors we've identified for greater impact

Pursue greater dependence on the Spirit

...by growing in spiritual listening skills, fasting, and prayer. Together we’ll trust Jesus for breakthroughs of his Kingdom in our communities.

Mobilize more field staff

Using a three-pronged approach:

  1. Send more people to our existing teams so by 2017 no location has just a single unit
  2. Establish multiple community sites within a day’s drive of each other to create Community Clusters in countries where we serve
  3. Launch new ministries to the unengaged in new countries

*This approach strengthens our work in this area because it is healthier for staff, helps reduce attrition, provides depth of leadership, facilitates cross-training, and brings expertise and larger impact within each people group.

Advance disciple-making movements (Jesus Movements)

...by developing and empowering indigenous leaders (Persons of Peace) for greater sustainability, multiplication, and ownership.



Evaluate and Engage


When we enter a community, we seek to relate to and understand the community through the eyes of Jesus. This includes pre-training and ongoing on-field research.


We repeat a collaborative cycle that aims to work alongside others in the community to identify and assess both needs and resources. Alongside the community, we encourage initiatives guided by a strategy and help implement them.


As transformation takes hold in a community our role changes. We avoid creating unhealthy dependencies and focus on what Jesus is doing within the community. This typically leads to expansion as transformation impacts surrounding communities.

Our response


Our vision is to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God.

Syrian Refugees

The lives of Syrian refugees have been significantly impacted with an estimated four million displaced from their homeland. This has put their situation on the front pages of news agencies and social media debate. But who will be the hands and feet of Jesus to them? There are urgent medical needs, poverty, hunger and an inability to work.

Unengaged Peoples

Some of the most unengaged people of the 10/40 window have little access to freedom and forgiveness. People in extreme poverty who have never met a follower of Jesus, nor seen his way of life lived out in front of them, nor even within earshot! They have no access to fellowships in their area, little or no access to Scripture, nor access to relationships with believers. Join us in reaching the unreached of Central Asia.

An Example

We desire to provide access to food, freedom, and forgiveness in the communities we serve. With refugees, we’re meeting their medical and everyday needs as well as engaging them in Discovery Bible Studies. In communities with the unengaged, we’re seeing communities solve their clean water crisis by piping in water from fresh springs 5-7 kilometers away from the village, as the whole village comes together to change their situation.


Ways you can be involved

Consider or share these open opportunities


Business for Transformation Entrepreneur

Many Arabs are economically prosperous and live together in tight-knit communities where there are literally only handfuls of indigenous believers among millions of people. We are looking for adventurous people to start businesses in our context and model biblical integrity while building relationships with Muslims who have never met a follower of Christ.


Refugee Ministry Developer

Do you have a heart for refugees? Would you like to learn Arabic? Our cosmopolitan city has a population of 4 million, and around one third are refugees from a neighboring country in desperate need of the love of Jesus.


Refugee Discipleship Leader

Do you have a heart for refugees? Are you interested in seeing a movement of disciples of Jesus growing throughout refugee communities in the Middle East? Our team ministers to the refugee communities seeking to catalyze Church Planting Movements (CPM) among various people groups and in neighborhoods throughout the city.


Refugee Ministry Worker

The city has a population of nearly 20 million, and is the cultural and economic center of the nation and surrounding region. The city is both secular and Islamic, Western and Middle Eastern. Our team ministers among the refugee communities seeking to care for the breadth of their needs. This includes meeting them in their poverty and uncertainty, sharing the good news of Jesus, and discipling potential leaders for the church.