ITeams is all about WITH. Our approach to community transformation affirms the dignity and ability of those within the community to be part of the solution. We seek to empower local leaders, agencies, churches and entrepreneurs to be agents of transformation. Under this local asset-based model we then seek to involve the unique contributions of those outside the community. Churches, businesses, schools and organizations partner in unique ways to leverage their expertise and resources while benefiting from the knowledge and initiative of local leaders. With Jesus, and with each other, we change the future.

We invite your church, business, or other organization to join with us to help the oppressed.

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Take a look at our map of current highlighted locations to learn more about where we work. We’re continually adding new locations, so if you’re curious about an area not highlighted on the map, fill out the form below and let us know.

We offer Short-Term Trips for individuals and groups, depending on the needs and transformation strategy for each community.

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