Andrew Nicodeme

Grace School Amenities

June 2, 2017

Grace School Amenities

The families in this village face economic challenges of the hardest type. Many cannot even afford to have their children live with them because they are an extra burden to the family. Grace School provides an option to have children come daily or be a part of the boarding school program. The school currently has 300 children hearing about Jesus and benefiting from a quality education. The construction of the new facility was designed to hold 500 children. More wish to attend, but Grace School needs a bus to make this available to more students. 

The focus is on quality education in an area that otherwise children would never be a part of. Therefore, there is a need for a library and computer lab. This would enhance their chances of gaining knowledge and getting further education after primary and high school.

As all children do, they love to play, but right now have no playground equipment. Our goal is to affect all parts of a child's growth: physical, mental, and spiritual.