Photo by Noriah Buleya

DaysforGirls Project

October 16, 2017
Chongwe, Zambia

DaysforGirls Project

The DaysforGirls project has 3 phases.

Phase 1 was completed in March of 2017 and consisted of holding focus groups to see if girls were missing school due to menstrual issues as well as checking to see if a reusable product would be something that would meet this need and keep these girls in school.

Phase 2 was completed in June of 2017 and consisted of holding community health training and distributing reusable hygiene kits to the most vulnerable girls within Chibolya ranging in ages between 12 and 16.

Phase 3 will be started in November 2017 and completed by November 2018. For this phase, ITeams along with our Zambian partners will discern and select 2 women from the community who have the aptitude to be trained in business enterprise and sewing to be able make the kits and sell them locally within the community as well as the surrounding township.