English and Nepali Language Institute

May 31, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA (Carrick)

English and Nepali Language Institute

Being able to communicate effectively in your new culture is one of the most necessary tools for survival. The age group ranging from age 18-45 is a sector within the Nepali community who are lagging behind in English development but cannot thrive in America without good communication skills. In response to this gap, we will create a high-quality English learning institute that serves this population. High-caliber teachers, instruction, and real life preparednedness are all benchmarks that will be met.

Nepali children are also losing their parents mother-tongue at an alarming rate. Americans who are working with Nepalis in the US as well as Nepal often do not have good language learning options for Nepali. Our language institute will employ Nepali tutors for both of these groups of people in order to ensure effective Nepali communication among Nepali kids and American NGO workers.

The overall plan is to have a language institute that serves both English and Nepali students, becoming a regional hub for language learning and a launch pad for other such language programs to be started in the Mid-Atlantic region and Nepal.