Photo by Andrew Nicodem / ITeams

Our passion

No one is invisible and everyone has access to food, freedom, and forgiveness

How many times have you been asked what it is that you do? It seems to be the question that everyone wants to know the answer to, even organizations like ours. While we love to talk about what it is that we do, our favorite thing to talk about is what we are passionate about. Our passion is that no one would be invisible and that everyone would have access to food, freedom and forgiveness. Passion is the why behind everything that we are about. In this quick three minute video you will see a description of what it looks like when we actually pause and take the time to look at the world through the eyes of Jesus. This video, called Do You See Me? paints a picture that just may give you a fresh new way of looking at what we are passionate about.

Having heard a little bit about our passion and perhaps after watching this video you begin to get a hint of what our vision is all about. It's to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God. In addition, our mission is unique compared to many other organizations around the country. Our mission is to bring people together to help the oppressed. We see ourselves as a catalyst, who brings churches, businesses and schools together to serve oppressed people around the world. And finally, if you click on this link you will learn more about our "purpose", ICT (Integrated Community Transformation). This is perhaps the thing that makes us most unique compared to other organizations. We hope you will enjoy looking at this page and getting a deeper understanding of some of the things that make ITeams unique.

If your passion resinates with ours, please check out our open opportunities or consider partnering with us.