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July 27, 2016
Masatepe, Nicaragua

Media Specialist

Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere and Masatepe has it's fair share of poverty, especially in the more rural areas. The community of Masatepe is said to be split 50/50 amongst its urban and rural populations. The rural segment of the economy consists mainly of subsistence and small-scale farming, whereas the urban center consists more of micro enterprises in the areas of carpentry and artisanal products. We are looking for someone to document the multiple projects that we have going on. You will help increase our online presence and well as our local presence. You will document projects such as our chicken farm, rehab center, chamber of commerce, coffee shop, young girls ministry, and multiply technology. Special skills desired are a media arts degree, social media experience, web design experience, videography experience, writing/journalism experience and fluency in Spanish.