Farm Operations Manager

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July 26, 2016
South Asia

Farm Operations Manager

In this small village in the southeastern region of a large Asian country, at-risk women and girls are oppressed by brick factory owners, farmers, and truck drivers passing through the area. These women and children are exploited by sex and labor traffickers, but many are no safer with their families. There they are often physically beaten, sold, over-worked and even sexually abused. Deeply wounded, they need a place where friends can offer help…and hope. These are some of the most invisible people in this country, but God sees them and loves them deeply. Their plight has given birth to a dream—a safe haven where they can take classes in life-skills like sewing, beadwork and general education, but even better, discover hope in Jesus! We are looking for someone to join the team as an operations manager for our sheep farm. You will help create the organizational structure and manage this project to generate income for the creation of a help center. You will oversee the health of the herd, manage proper feeding, and develop planting feed for the flock. You will also keep a database of all cross breeding activity to maintain a healthy flock. You will work alongside local employees who do the actual field supervision of the sheep.