Photo by Andrew Nicodem / ITeams

Statement on World Refugee Day

June 20, 2017
Scott Olson
Scott Olson

JUNE 2017 — Media attention on the plight of refugees continues to raise awareness of the tremendous desperation that forces so many to flee their homes in search of a future and a hope—and the risks they must take to get there. For all the people who make it, there are those who don't. The tragedies are immense and they are heartbreaking.

This is not a new crisis, but immediate action is still needed in the life of every person who is being forcefully displaced. Every person's story is unique but the conditions that create a refugee crisis are not a surprise—and they're all too common today.

War, persecution, famine, drought, natural disasters, economic stresses, injustice... all of these are forms of oppression. Closing our eyes to effects of these conditions leads us to count refugees among the most invisible people of our generation. But the tide is turning. Eyes are opening and hearts are awakening. Even in such desperation, hope is being kindled.

Jesus meets people where they are, and that's no different in a crisis. ITeams has been working with refugees for decades and we have long-standing teams in strategic places around the world. We work closely with local governments and organizations to help meet immediate and long-term needs. Every person has dignity and value because every human being is made in the image of God, no matter their circumstances or religious background. This belief causes us to come alongside refugees and demonstrate the love of Jesus.

Please pray for refugees. Though you may not know their names or stories personally at this point, Jesus does. Come and join us and be a witnesses to the transformation that is possible for those who risk their lives to find a future.

There is no single response to the refugee crisis. For the sake of men, women, and children everywhere risking everything in hope of a future...

...let's do something now.