Photo by ITeams

Snapshots: Life as a Refugee in Ukraine

March 10, 2016

In this series of snapshots we bring you brief insights into the challenges refugees face around the world and the transforming experiences some of them have had encountering Jesus. See glimpses from Bulgaria, Athens, Rome, Malawi, and Austria.

Twelve year old Sasha was living in Luhansk when war broke out. Her father joined the Ukrainian army to defend her city. A year ago her father was captured, tortured, and then killed. Sasha, her mother, and two older brothers were no longer safe and fled the war in Luhansk. 

Sasha attended the camp our team hosted where she showed all the signs of a child experiencing trauma. On the last night, the Holy Spirit touched her, along with many of the other children, and Sasha gave her life to Jesus. When she returned from winter camp she was not the same little girl. Healing is underway.