Photo by ITeams

Snapshots: Life as a Refugee in Malawi

March 11, 2016

In this series of snapshots we bring you brief insights into the challenges refugees face around the world and the transforming experiences some of them have had encountering Jesus. See glimpses from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Athens, Rome, and Austria.

For the last six months, refugees living in Malawi have only been receiving 40% of their recommended minimum daily calories. The dangerously low food supplies made it critical for refugees to find alternative ways to earn money to buy food. Learning a marketable skill such as tailoring offers concrete hope for increasing a refugee family’s access to food and other basic needs.

Our team has selected twenty students to attend a tailoring training course. Donations from the Empty Plate Campaign have purchased sewing machines for their training as well as hired a teacher to lead the class. Refugees and Malawians will learn together, providing an opportunity for refugees to positively interact with members of the wider community.