Shaken by an Earthquake
In Central Asia

October 15, 2017

This community in Central Asia struggles from a lack of access to clean, safe water. Many people get their water directly from open canals or rivers which carry diseases. However, many villages are located right nearby clean water springs with no way to access the water. Building relationships with villagers is vital to bringing about change in this community.

We met Laura a year ago when we tried to begin a water project that her village desperately needed. An issue getting water rights stopped us from proceeding with the project.

Seeking God

Earlier this year, our team fasted for forty days asking God to move in the villages where we work. At 3am on the last night of the fast, our leader woke up and asked God for a sign. He then dreamt of an earthquake and knew that was the sign he’d been seeking.

Finding Laura Again

Later that day, our team leader and national partners went to Laura’s house to break the fast as well as to discuss a potential drip irrigation project for her village. We also prayed for Laura, who is in a wheelchair, and then began singing a worship song. Right at that moment, an earthquake shook the room. Everyone was in awe when our team leader described the dream he’d had just hours earlier.

Laura has now chosen to follow Jesus. Her mother and brother have made the same decision. Laura is hungry to study the Bible and tell others about Him. We continue to invest in her life by teaching her how to lead and start home groups in the village where she lives.