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Prayers for refugees

September 15, 2015
Jase Miller
Jase Miller

Based on a number of conversations with some of our team leaders in Europe and the Middle East, here are some suggestions for prayer.

For refugees...

  • safety in travel, protection from exploitation, theft and abuse, that God would preserve their lives for His glory
  • a sense of faith, hope, and love as they continue to endure hardships
  • good communication despite significant language challenges
  • that they will discover that Jesus is on the journey with them and begin to follow him
  • for opportunities for healing from multiple sources of trauma
  • protection for refugee families (they are often separated in the course of these moves, hoping to be reunited later)

For the people receiving refugees...

  • generosity toward those they meet
  • additional resources to be freed up to provide for various needs
  • a sense of compassion and hospitality
  • that they would see Jesus in the faces of these refugees, and respond accordingly

For our teams...

  • that our teams would be characterized by unity and love for one another
  • for healthy balance of work and family
  • for consistency as personnel transition in and out of teams as needed
  • for safety and health as we interact with a lot of people, some in very desperate situations
  • for perseverance, success, encouragement, and fruitful relationships
  • for translators who facilitate needed communication
  • for protection from secondary trauma as our teams hear traumatic stories everyday
  • for good relationships with our many formal and informal partners working alongside us

This is only a start, obviously. We'll publish more prayer prompts by social media and on our blog as we're able.

Please share in the comments below what you're praying for...

Download a PDF version of our prayer guide for refugees

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