Photo by Andrew Nicodem / ITeams

Meeting some immediate needs for refugees in Bulgaria

July 27, 2016
Keith Brown
Keith Brown

Through the generosity of donors who provided funds for worldwide refugee needs through International Teams, we’ve been able to step into the gap at some critical moments recently in Bulgaria. This is one such story.

The other day, a social worker from Stara Zagora sent me a lengthy list of medicine needed for the refugees in a nearby camp. Unfortunately, medical funds for refugees normally provided by the Bulgarian State Commission for Refugees ran out in January.

The camp doctor the long list to provide for refugee needs as he did not have even one aspirin to give to sick refugees from Syria and Iraq.

In response, our translator and I left in the morning to meet with the camp doctor. He explained how he had absolutely nothing left to care for sick refugees—not even a band-aid! So, we piled into our van and drove to a local pharmacy where we were able to fill the order. We bought antibiotics, cough medicine, cardiac medicine, hypertension medicine and a host of other needed items. The final total was $432.85 and the cash register receipt was 4 feet and 3 inches long!

As we returned to the refugee camp, the doctor received a phone call. It was from a social worker concerning a very sick Kurdish child from Syria. She said that he needed medicine immediately and that she did not know what to do. The doctor was able to tell her that the needed prescription was now in hand.

"Just in time!" he exclaimed gratefully.

The doctor looked into my eyes, shook my hand and said, "Thank you so much for the medicine. I can't tell you how much this means to me." I explained that we were able to be generous because of the generosity of those who believe in our work through ITeams. I’m grateful for those who come alongside us as we come alongside those who are in great need here in Bulgaria.