Photo by Sue Dyer

Laying a Foundation

August 30, 2016
Pilgrim Hari
Pilgrim Hari

Our team in Pittsburgh is in the pioneering stages of establishing long-term ministry among Bhutanese-Nepali immigrants who have come from a refugee background. Approximately 15,000 Nepalis call Pittsburgh home and our team in Pittsburgh is putting their roots down and moving forward in strategic ways.

A snapshot from Pittsburgh

Over the last 9 months, we have been busy trying to adjust our family to a new city and lay a foundation for long-term Bhutanese-Nepali ministry. Adjusting to a new place and trying to lay a foundation from scratch is kind of crazy. At times it can feel overwhelming. For those of us who are action-oriented, sometimes we’re just bored, realizing that so many things are out of our control so you just wait. There seems to be so much potential for the American and Nepali church to work together and too often those leads slip from our grasp. Signs of hope come day in and day out through conversations, visits with neighbors, and some of the small initiatives we’ve been able to start. It is a whole lot about stirring the pot of trust amongst people who have no real reason to trust newcomers.

Sitting over lunch a few weeks back, my wife and I discussed this long road while our son was blabbing in the background. This is the real, honest side to our work. For a pioneer like me, it just feels slow and tedious. But relationships are forming and we are very pleased to be making steady progress.

I am glad that we didn’t just rush into this place. The slow relationship building, research, and assessing things have helped us get answers to move forward.

Our house increasingly becomes a hub for neighbors to hang out and those intimate times together only propel us deeper into the community. There is rarely a day when neighbors are not at our place throughout the day or into the evening. A young men’s discipleship group, development of youth and children’s ministries at a local Nepali church, as well as coming alongside other ministries are some of the rumblings beginning to take place. It is exciting being on the cusp of something bigger than we are. When we see Jesus move, we really don’t care who gets the credit.