Photo by Andrew Nicodem / ITeams

In a Gateway City with Refugees

September 11, 2015

With near one million refugees and more flooding in, this Middle Eastern city and many desperate people within it are in crisis.

God has built a team of more than a dozen ITeams field staff who are growing their capacity to build relationships and engage in strategic ministry there. Together, our vision is to join a movement of God among oppressed refugees so that in a growing number of families and communities none would be invisible and all would have access to food, freedom and forgiveness.

All of these factors suggest that the time is ripe for a greater, more coordinated partnership to emerge around new initiatives and a shared vision.

Three focus areas need additional resources right now:

  1. Refugee men - Tea House ministry; workshops and outreach events to teach men about fatherhood, marriage, purity; outcomes: develop relationships to share about Jesus, strengthen families, teach Biblical principles
  2. Day care center for refugee families - refugee mothers will be employed, others can leave their children to seek work; Outcomes: meet their financial needs through employment, develop relationships into which Jesus is welcomed
  3. Abused and at-risk women - provide safe housing for vulnerable women and children; Outcomes: house 8 women/families with more growth later on, promote healing and recovery; develop loving relationships; offer trauma recovery workshops
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