Painting by Talitha Falconero / ITeams

He breathed and all the stars were born

July 11, 2016
Maureen Heath
Maureen Heath

inspired by Talitha Falconero’s painting

Recently I saw a beautiful painting by Talitha Falconero that energized my own creativity. When we encounter art and beauty it inspires us to create more of it in the world. It can be a powerful force for good.

To set the stage, here’s what Talitha writes about her painting:

"The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed and all the stars were born." - Psalm 33:6.

It had been years since I did any regular painting.

Very recently I felt the Lord telling me that I need to pick up the paintbrush again—that I had silenced an important part of who He made me to be. It was around that time that I was studying outer space and how every detail pointed to a Creator. I wanted to capture this moment of creation on canvas. But how does one paint the Creator in the act of creation? That was my task and I believe God gave me this painting.

I want to use my art to bless people, to speak of the God I love, and to glorify Him.



In thinking about the idea of Creator God simply speaking Creation into existence, as found in this beautiful painting done by Talitha Falconero, I wondered what the process of Creation would have been like from the perspective of God as Artist, creating order and beauty from primordial chaos. I wondered how the Creation story may have been expressed and how might I write it in a way that uses the imagination and humor which God has created in me…


God created the heavens and the earth, and he said, “Oooo, this is good! But it could use a little more...mmmm...something...”

And so, he created light, which helped him to see better, naturally, and which also made morning and evening, upon which he cleverly bestowed the name “day”. Clever, you see, because being omniscient he already knew that he would be needing a measurement of time so that the creation story would make some sort of chronological sense to future readers.

And so, after having made “day” he spent a couple more of those genius little morsels of time called day, getting his hands into the mix of primeval soup; forming, molding, pressing, kneading and shaping as a master sculptor does a great mass of clay.

Now, taking pause to wipe his brow and regard his hard work thus far, he said, “Hmph. (long pause) Nice lines… good depth, I like the texture.”

Still, it didn't feel quite right. “Too many 'earthy' tones going on,” he thought. “And the rocks. I just cannot look at rocks all day, every day and have them crying out in monotone praise for all eternity. (Proceeds to knock his head on a brick wall that he spoke into existence just for the occasion.)

But then, suddenly, a flash of lightning illumines the sky! (That's God having a great idea.) “Eureka!” he bellowed dramatically as artists sometimes do.

In a heated flurry he spent the next few days tirelessly creating all manner of life; seed bearing plants and fruit bearing trees, fish and flying birds, and flying fish for that matter. A platypus? Why not! Livestock and wild animals and puppies and kittens, all in a splendid array of colors and sizes, all according to their own kind.

“And now,” God said as he earnestly rubbed his hands together, “for my travail d' amour, my work of art...”

The winds picked up and caused the dust of the earth to swirl about like a dust devil on a hot prairie plain. He directed the movements of the dust as a maestro guides an orchestra through a symphony. An abstraction of lines soon gave way to shape and a final, beautiful form lay on the ground. God bent over the form and looked upon it with deep satisfaction. 

“I. Love. It.” He then drew in a long, deep breath of air and blew His breath into the nostrils of the form, bringing it to life.

“I give you… MAN!”

WOMAN would soon follow upon God seeing that the man was going to be in serious need of help with household finances, personal hygiene and overall domestic responsibilities. God sat back contentedly and watched the two squabble over interior design and then lightheartedly laugh together over the silliness of it all.

“Very good,” He said. “This is very good.”