Charity Trotter

Gathering and Learning
In Pittsburgh

August 9, 2017

Our team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is establishing long-term ministry among Bhutanese-Nepali immigrants who have come from a refugee background. Approximately 15,000 Nepalis call Pittsburgh home.

Recently, our team began a 12 week Biblical leadership training course where 15 Nepali church leaders gather and learn together. This course is designed to establish a stronger biblical foundation in church leadership, release people into ministry, and help replicate leaders.

For most of the men and women in this course, it is the first opportunity for biblical and leadership training. They are being exposed to topics such as Imitating Jesus, Devotion to Scripture, Abundant Prayer, and Healthy Group Culture.

After just one week, many approached our team with their binders and notes. People were ecstatic to have an opportunity unlike anything they have had before. They could be heard saying, “This is what we need to do. This is how we need to follow Jesus.”

Realizing that all in attendance have been shielded off from the message of Jesus for most of their lives and now are receiving training in biblical leadership causes us to step back, pause, and simply be amazed.