Accessing Nearby Clean Water
In Central Asia

August 9, 2017

This community in Central Asia struggles from a lack of access to clean, safe water. Many people get their water directly from open canals or rivers which carry diseases. However, many villages are located right nearby clean water springs with no way to access the water.

ITeams partners with these villages by providing the materials to create a pipeline from the spring to the village, and the villagers donate the labor to build the pipeline. Building a trusting relationship is vital to connecting with the villagers.

Building trust

When we began to visit the village leader, Carl, in Xusha, he was suspicious of who we were or what we wanted to do in his village. His village has significant divisions and factions between its various members inhibiting them from working together on things like water projects. They have a resource of clean water that is within one kilometer of their village, but the community can’t come together to access it.

As we began building a relationship with him, he witnessed two miracles.

One of his friends, who was mostly deaf, was partially healed when we prayed for him as 60 percent of his hearing was restored.

At Carl’s house one night, he entered with eyes of wonder exclaiming, “There is a miracle going on outside.” He continued to say that although there were no clouds in the sky, it was pouring rain directly over his house. As he walked away from his house, it was completely dry everywhere else. He was amazed and connected it with our presence in his house. Later, when we shared the Scriptures with him, he used an mp3 player to play several Bible stories in the local mosque.

Organizing a water project

Carl has become a true person of peace for this village. He is now helping us organize a water project to bring clean water to over one thousand people. He is a leader in the local mosque, and God has been working in his heart by teaching him to love his enemies. As we read the Bible together, he is learning how God commands him to forgive and love those around him. This is an important truth for him to believe to bring his village together to access the nearby clean water.