A story of inspiration for Ramadan

May 26, 2017

Ramadan is the holy month of Islam, during which Muslims spend time fasting, reflecting, and seeking spiritually. It's a wonderful opportunity for followers of Jesus to come alongside them in prayer and intercession. The following story demonstrates that Jesus is at work among Muslims.


“I Feel Like a New Man!” 

Although risky, Amin contacted us through the Internet last spring hoping to get a copy of the Bible. A few days later, my teammate, Brian, and I set off to meet Amin in his small village. There have possibly never been followers of Jesus in Amin’s village before, and in his country of millions of Muslims, there are only a few believers.

Amin was eagerly waiting for us when we met him at the small shop where he worked as a cashier. Brian handed the Bible to Amin, and he was clearly moved that someone had come all the way to his remote village to bring him a Bible.

The next day, Amin called Brian with some bad news - his boss had discovered the Bible and had fired him. Brian assured him that we would lift him up in prayer, asking God to provide for Amin in his time of need. Sure enough, a few days later Amin called and was excited because his boss couldn’t find a suitable replacement and had requested Amin to return to work!

A few weeks later, Amin shared his story of searching for truth for ten years. God had used his interactions with foreign tourists and radio programs to continue to draw Amin to Himself. When my co-worker showed him Scripture passages and asked him if he would identify himself as a follower of Jesus, Amin responded with an enthusiastic “yes!”

In due time, Amin desired to be baptized. Brian and I made the two-hour journey to Amin’s village where he led us to a small, beautiful oasis in the mountains. There we studied some New Testament passages on baptism. Together we walked down to a hot spring in the oasis and Brian baptized him.

When I asked him how he felt after the baptism, he replied, “I feel like a new man, like something has changed inside of me.” In celebration, we shared a picnic lunch Amin prepared for us in this special oasis. We studied Matthew 28:19-20 together and encouraged Amin to share the transforming power of Jesus in his village.

We have had similar encounters like this with five other men like Amin this past year. Please pray for these men that they will be a light in their communities and that Jesus would give them grace to endure persecution and hardships as they seek to live for Jesus in a society hostile to this transforming message.