What does ITeams believe about giving?
International Teams is funded by the generous financial partnership of individuals, churches and foundations. As stewards of God’s resources, we believe in treating the supporters of this ministry as partners, friends and team members. We carefully and ethically handle the gifts entrusted to us by maintaining appropriate systems of accountability and by seeking to maximize their intended use. We are a charter member of the ECFA.

In more than 60 countries of the world opportunities exist to support individuals and families serving with International Teams. Donors may support the ministries of International Teams in a variety of ways.

How do I give?
Donations can be received by electronic givingcredit card, or check.

Are my gifts tax deductible?
Generally, yes. Since ITeams is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, your donations to ITeams are tax deductible. However, personal gifts given directly to our workers are not tax deductible.

Can ITeams accept gifts from outside of the United States?
We are able to receive a gift from anywhere in the world if it is made using a credit card that we accept. However, we can issue a tax receipt for United States tax purposes only. For this reason, if you reside in a country where we have a sister organization, you may donate through them.

How can I get more financial information about ITeams?
You can find some key answers in our ministry reports, Form 990s and financial statements. For more information, email your request to our Finance department.

What about financial accountability?
ITeams is a charter member of the ECFA, and abides by all its strict requirements. An independent certified auditor conducts a full audit of our books every year. An independent Board of Directors conducts a budget approval process and review of finances annually. ITeams complies with all federal, state, and IRS regulations, submitting a 990 form annually.

Can I give gifts other than money?
Yes! ITeams will gladly receive stock gifts, new generation computers, automobiles (with certain new government restrictions), volunteered time, PRAYER, and by all means…please consider going and serving with your talents!

How can I discontinue my automatic giving arrangement with ITeams?    Please call us at 847.429.0900 or request this by email to gifts@iteams.org. Be sure to let us know the effective date of your request.

How can I make changes to my automatic giving arrangement with ITeams?  There may be situations whereby your bank account changes, your credit card expires, or you wish to alter the amount you are giving. Any of these can be communicated by calling us at 847.429.0900. Certain information can be shared via email (gifts@iteams.org); however, we suggest that you do not include account numbers via email for security reasons. If you have been notified that your monthly giving was suspended for any reason, please be prepared to advise us if we should make up the months that were missed.



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